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Karthik Ramaseshan BS, is the founder of Kite Tutoring. He actively tutors students in high school Math and Science and has helped several students succeed in their classes. Karthik graduated, Magna-cum-Laude, from Rochester High School in 2011 and completed his Bachelor’s degree in three years, in Biomedical Engineering, graduating Cum-Laude, from Wayne State University in 2014. He currently works full-time as a Research Assistant at Wayne State University, School of Medicine. He plans on pursuing a career as a physician and will enter medical school in 2016. Karthik has a passion for helping high school students. He believes that every student has a potential for highest success. His favorite subjects are Chemistry, AP Biology, Physics and Algebra 2. He enjoys reading and watching TV shows on Netflix.

Best tutors – math, chemistry, biology, physics, algebra in Michigan

Meherab Grewal is an undergraduate student at Wayne State University working on his bachelors degree in Economics. Meherab graduated from International Academy and received a full scholarship to Wayne State University. Meherab main area of interest is in tutoring students in ACT and SAT. He scored in the top 1 percentile in both these tests and got a perfect score in the ACT English and Reading sections. His ability to teach challenging standardized test taking skills in a fun and exciting ways to students makes him a valuable asset of Kite Tutoring. Meherab enjoys playing Basketball and spending time with his close friends.

Best tutors – math, chemistry, biology, physics, algebra in Michigan
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